Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do consult and service on same visit?


Are your services just for women?

No! Our services are for everyone.

Why do you not offer late evening appointments?

Many of our Botox or Dysport Services are provided before 5 p.m. with good practice.   You should not lay down for 4 hours post Botox/Dysport injections.   You could cause unwanted results if product spreads to a unintended area.

Why are you not on Groupon?

At Bellissima, we are not focused on how many clients we have. We are focused on providing high quality, safe service, and lasting patient relationships. We want loyal clients who know they can depend on Bellissima to provide them with current knowledge, clean facility, and that small, home town service.

How do I make an appointment?

We are glad you have chosen Bellissima. 

Text us at 219-406-1328 or look us up on Facebook and send us a private message. 

Are children allowed to come?

YES!!!  We are a family owned and operated, small business who enjoys seeing those babies and toddlers.  For those older kiddies, we have free WIFI to keep them connected on those electronics! We also have a toy box that children are welcome to explore while they are here :)