Hosting a Private Party


Invite your friends!

Held in our boutique, you and your friends will receive private and premium quality aesthetic treatments. 

The hostess will have a chance to win complimentary product. The more people that attend, the greater your chances are of earning free Dysport! The hostess will earn 1 free unit of Dysport for every 5 units sold. 

One month notice is required for booking parties, with an estimation of attendees required 1 week prior the day of the event.


Party Services

We recommend creating a private Facebook event to invite your friends, where they can freely ask questions about product and services that will be answered. 

We will periodically post information about what to expect for services such as Dysport and dermal fillers. Charts with pricing for specific areas will be shared such as the one to the right.

Services available for private parties are Dysport, dermal fillers, and threading. 


Food & Drink

Hostess' are more than welcome to bring light snacks and refreshments to share during the party. 

Some examples of what people bring are: 

fruit trays

veggies trays

charcuterie board


You are more than welcome to bring wine, however, alcohol consumption must be done AFTER receiving injections.

We will NOT inject anyone who is under the influence of alcohol.